Bxxlght is a design company that designs light boxes in plexiglas with different led light techniques. The company was founded by Daniela Upmark in Stockholm, Sweden 2013. Bxxlght offers products with multiple functions and uses. The light boxes are a design product, an artwork and at the same time a design lamp. The performance can vary by having it standing on the floor, on a bookshelf or sitting on the wall.

I came up with the idea of bxxlght during a trip to New york in 2011. I saw something that I felt was missing in the Swedish design market. Especially at a time when home decor is the focus and where personal creativity and variety is so important. I wanted to find art that stood out and that did not have to cost as much as a art work from a gallery or from exclusive auctions. For each season we will let a creator interpret a light box, these will be available in a limited edition, says Daniela Upmark, CEO and designer for Bxxlght.